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Information regarding Free School Meals

Parents charged council tax

Parents who are charged council tax at their address who wish to claim FSM should make a claim using the online standard application form online form.

This is so that both their council tax support and FSM application can be processed at the same time. Also claiming council tax support allows us access to the same systems we used when checking for Housing Benefit claims, resulting in speedier decisions on their application for FSM.

Parents not charged council tax

Those parents who are not charged council tax and are only claiming for FSM (for example parents who are not the lead tenant at the address or parents who live outside of Leeds but whose children attend a Leeds school) should send the FSM only application form, a copy of which is attached.

Parents can hand their FSM claim forms into any One Stop Centre or send them to the following address:

Welfare & Benefits (FSM Claims)

Leeds City Council
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Further information is available on the Leeds City Council website.