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 Mission Statement                                                    

At Ninelands, we believe in making learning irresistible, meaningful and memorable. We want all our children to thrive in a happy, secure and inclusive environment where they develop enquiring minds, enjoy learning and have high aspirations, every lesson, every day. We challenge our children to be independent and self-motivated with the resilience to continue their learning journey so they can achieve their potential, contributing positively to society with strength and compassion.

The aims of our school are:

  • To meet the requirements of the National Curriculum, maintaining a broad, balanced, exciting and meaningful curriculum which enables each child to experience success and a strong sense of achievement through a wide range of experiences.
  • To encourage all children to understand their strengths, creating growth mindsets which embrace challenge.
  • To encourage children of all abilities to develop enquiring minds, an enthusiasm for learning, and ability to co-operate and a desire to achieve.
  • To promote self-discipline so that children become increasingly responsible for their own behaviour, growing themselves as self-reliant and self-motivated learners.
  • To foster in all members of the school community, a positive appreciation of the importance of inclusion, diversity and cultural heritage, and of the role we all play in our society.
  • For children to be a part of the school and wider town and city community and for them to understand and value how they can actively contribute.
  • To establish and maintain positive relationships with parents and carers so their child’s learning journey is a partnership.
  • To support, value and empower staff to create an environment that enables our aims and mission.