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Foundation Stage Teaching Team

Mrs Woodburn - Nursery Teacher
Miss Mason - Nursery Teacher
Mrs Freeth - Class 1 Teacher (Team Leader)
Mrs Plante- Class 2 Teacher

EYFS Support Team

Mrs M Smith - HLTA
Mrs Jackson - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Bailey - Teaching Assistant
Mrs C Smith - Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Newton - Teaching Assistant
Miss Ingle - Teaching Assistant

KS1 Teaching Team

Miss Panther - Class 3 Teacher
Mrs Fryer - Class 3 Teacher  
Mrs Carr - Class 4 Teacher
Mrs Goodbody- Class 5 Teacher 
Mrs Hogg - Class 6 Teacher & Safeguarding officer
Mrs Lewis - Class 6 Teacher

KS1 Support Team

Mrs Pate - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs Sunley - Teaching Assistant   
Mrs S Toulson - HLTA 
Mrs M Richardson - Teaching Assistant 
Mrs J Sharpe  - Teaching Assistant
Mr Barrett - Teaching Assistant 

KS2 Teaching Team

Mrs Rothery - Class 7 Teacher
Miss Wilkinson- Class 8 Teacher (Team Leader)
Miss Howarth - Class 9 Teacher
Miss Garvey - Class 10 Teacher
Miss K Richardson - Class 11 Teacher
Mr Good - Class 12 Teacher
Mr Simpson - Class 13 Teacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Mrs Webber - Class 13 Teacher
Mr Byers - Class 14 Teacher (Team Leader)

KS2 Support Team

Mrs Donoghue - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Hepworth - Teaching Assistant
Miss Waldron - HLTA
Mrs Brown - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Cottam - Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Smith - Teaching Assistant
Miss Batty - Teaching Assistant
Mr Davison - HLTA

Whole School Support

Miss Panther - Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs Tinker- SENCO & Safeguarding officer
Mrs Reucroft - Learning Mentor & Safeguarding officer
Mrs Robinson - Extended Services Manager & Safeguarding officer

Administration Team

Mrs Gowland - Finance Officer 
Mrs Mather - Administration Officer & Safeguarding officer
Mrs Farnell - Administration Officer
Mrs Maddison - Administration Officer 

Premises Team

Mr Robinson - Superintendent
Mrs Beever - Cleaner 
Mr Elmer - Cleaner
Mrs Pilmore  - Cleaner
Mrs Duce - Cleaner 
Mr Sefton - Cleaner

Lunchtime Supervision

Mrs H Smith - Midday Supervisor
Mrs Newton - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Sharpe - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Pate - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Watson - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs K Smith - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs C Smith - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Brook - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs M Smith - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Brown - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Wiles - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Bailey - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Richardson - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Wilson - Lunchtime Assistant
Miss Batty - Lunchtime Assistant
Mr Barrett - Lunchtime Assistant   
Vacancy  - Lunchtime Assistant                                                                                                                

Out of School Club

Mrs Robinson - Extended Services Manager & Safeguarding officer
Mrs L Pate - Lead Playworker
Miss K Huckerby- Playworker 
Mrs J Crowther - Playworker 
Mrs K Lacy- Playworker 
Miss S Smales- Playworker 
Mrs S Daymond- Playworker 
Miss K Brown- Playworker 
Mrs D Rose- Playworker 
Miss G Balneaves- Playworker
Miss L Donoghue- Playworker
Miss R Sunley- Playworker 
Miss K O'Brian- Playworker 
Miss J Fitzhenry- Playworker   
Mr A Barker- Playworker   
  Trade Union (Facility Time Publication Requirements)

Maintained school information is held centrally. For the purposes of transparency, the most recent dataset showing staff time allocated to trade union activities can be found here.