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At Ninelands, we recognise the important part volunteers play in making our school the best possible place for children to learn.  Indeed, some of the activities we plan would not be able to take place without parents, carers and other members of the community giving up their time. 

Our commitment to you

As one of our valued volunteers, we are committed to giving you:

  • a positive, purposeful working environment,
  • enthusiastic children who engage well with their learning,
  • a link staff member to support you in your volunteering,
  • recognition for the help that you provide and the positive impact it has on learning,
  • a reference if you apply for paid work here or elsewhere.

Your commitment to us

We are aware that your time and energies are given freely and willingly.  Most volunteers work in school at a set time each week.  We do not insist that you commit to working for either a fixed or indefinite period of time, however we would ask that you let us know if you have made an arrangement that you later find you cannot keep.  In addition, when you do wish to cease volunteering, please communicate this to your link staff member.

Please see the flowchart below which outlines how volunteers are recruited at Ninelands  - we look forward to hearing from you.